Wireless at the ballpark

Last week we were able to take a side trip to SBC park in San Francisco to catch a ballgame.  SBC is now my favoriate park.  That was the second out of town park I've been able to visit this year and both had fee WiFi at the park.  This led me to ask, why don't we have WiFi at Safeco Field?  How does a team owned by guys who made their fortunes on wireless phones and PC software not have WiFi in their home ballpark?

By the way, did you know that Bill Neukom is one of the Giant's general partners?

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  1. Glenn Fincher says:

    Why??? I just can’t figure out why some places get WiFi… this is one of them. Who is going to drag their laptops to a baseball game? (I know the majority of MS employess sport smart phones w/WiFi, but even in Seattle, its still a SMALL # of people at the game!)

    Watch the game! Leave the electroics at home!

  2. craigrow says:

    I can think of all kinds of applications for wifi at the park.

    First, I take my iPaq and keep score on it. The program I use enables me to download lineups for that specific game and full rosters for each team. It would be nice to be able to do that at the game. It would also be nice to be able to get more in-depth stats than are available on the scoreboards at the park. There is a lot of other info online that I might like to have. I might like to see the current standings, league leaders, today’s MLB transactions and latest news, etc.

    Second, in the Terrace Club we have wait service at our seats. That is really nice because you don’t have to miss any of the game to get concessions. The hard part is flagging down someone to take your order. When they take it they use a PocketPC type device to send the order to the kitchen. It would be nice if I could just place the order myself.

    Third, as long as I’m placing an order for food I could also order merchandise. There is a real revenue opportunity for the team.

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