What does "OPK" stand for

Since I've started this blog I make it a point to check the search engines every day for key words related to the WDK, DTM, etc.  I figure one way I can provide value is to act as a central point from which you can find everything on the web related to our product.  I've already posted about the interesting search terms that lead people to my posting on Ximage.  Apparently "X" and "image" get a lot of hits on the search engines.  Add "mount" and the numbers go off the charts. 

Anyway, it turns out another term, "OPK," generates some interesting hits too.  Apparently "OPK" is an acronym used for "ovulation predictor kits."  My wife and I have spent most of our marriage dealing with infertility issues and I didn't know this.  With the birth of our triplets last year I thought my days of hearing works like "ovulation," "cervix" and "uterus" were, thankfully, over.  It turns out I was wrong. [:(]


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  1. Glenn says:

    OPK == OEM Preinstallation Kit

    No fertility association here! And… this has to be the FIRST techie blog with words like "cervix’ & " ovulation" in it! Sure to get picked up by Boing Boing!

  2. craigrow says:

    That is why I put my picture on the web page, to scare off those who find my blog by mistake.

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