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If you’re reading this blog you’re probably aware that I’m new to the whole blog thing.  After WinHEC 2005 I tried to sell my team on a team blog as a way of making the issues and solutions we’re working with a specific customer on readily available to all of our customers.  Unfortunately I wasn’t successful.  In the process, however, I convinced myself of the value of a blog for the Windows Driver Kit so much that I felt I had to give it a try on my own.  The more work I put into my blog the more sold I’ve become on the value of blogging. 


One of the resources I’ve relied on is a blog you’ll find in my blog roll, Naked Conversations.  Chapter 1 is the best essay I’ve seen in regards to describing why blogging has real power.  Time will tell if it is really the paradigm shift the authors suggest it is or a passing fad.  If I had read chapter 1 two moths ago I probably would have chuckled, quit reading half way through and considered it a very big over-reach.  Having spent some time in the blogsphere now I’m somewhat skeptical that blogs will prove to be a paradigm shift on the level of horseless carriages, telephones and the world wide web.  However, I’m more and more open to that possibility.   


If you’re writing a blog, please let me know what resources you’re relying on.


I’ve read parts of most of the chapters that have been posted to this point.  I’m starting today with chapter 1 and reading all of the posted chapters in order beginning-to-end.  I’ll be posting my thoughts and comments as I progress through the chapters.

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  1. tzagotta says:

    Hi Craig, A suggestion: the value of a blog increases if you respond to comments, and otherwise interact. Otherwise, it really isn’t much of a conversation. I’ve noticed a trend which is that a lot of MSFT bloggers accept comments, but then don’t respond to them at all.

  2. craigrow says:

    Excellent point tzagotta. If you look back through my older posts you’ll see me doing exactly that. Further, I think your point is equally valid for the readers and the blogger. The blog is of much more value to BOTH if the blogger and readers are having a *conversation.* If it is not a conversation, it’s just another news site.

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