Driver Quality Signature (DQS) Program for Windows Vista

For years now I've been talking to customers who want a way to supress the unsigned driver warning.  This is a particular problem if you're selling an innovative device for which Windows doesn't have a logo program.  The DQS program is the answer to this problem.  Details about the DQS program have recently been published here.  It is important enough information that I'm adding it to my link list.  DQS testing will be fully supported in the WDK at Beta 2.

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  1. tzagotta says:

    One thing that has been a little frustrating in the past is the cost and timeframe of getting drivers signed. Because of this, a lot of companies decided to forgo signing, and just add instructions in the user manual telling the user to ignore the warnings. In my experience, this was not just done for innovative or niche devices – I have seen that a lot for high-volume, mainstream devices, e.g., WiFi network cards.

    It seems to me that drivers will be revised often, and the existing signature programs don’t really address this important use case. Each small revision requires re-submission for testing, and incurrs both cost and time-to-market. This often forces end users to choose between a signed older-version driver or a newer unsigned driver that has bug fixes.

    I have to admit, I am not highly involved in driver development, but as a developer and end-user, this is what I perceive.

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