Dell "X-Image"

Kevin Devin ran across Dell’s X-Image tool.  He wonders if this is not the same Microsoft Ximage tool.  From this article you can see it clearly is not.  Rather, it is an internally developed Dell tool they started work on in 2001.  It was developed for Windows 2000 and Windows XP as opposed to the…


Happy Thanksgiving everyone

Over the past months via our TAP program, events such as WinHEC and our customer site visits, I’ve met a lot of great people who are using our kits.  That has been one of the greatest pleasures of my job.  To everyone I’ve had the pleasure of meeting fact-to-face and to those of you who…


Cable vs. Phone

A few weeks ago I got a flyer in the mail from the cable company, Comcast, advertising phone service via their cable system.  We’re building a new home and every phone/cable jack in the house is a dual jack, with both coax and cat5 in the box so I can easily go either way.  The…


ASI Presentation at WDK TAP Hands-on Event

In case you weren’t fortunate enough to attend the hands-on event, I’ve posted the content of the ASI presentation here.  Since it was created entirely by the ASI dev and test teams it has a slightly different perspective than I give, plus it has some small nuggets of new info.


Wrapping up the hands-on lab

We’re wrapping up the hands-on lab today.  I can’t remember ever having more fun at work than I’ve had this week.  Seeing the interactions between our devs and testers and the TAP partners was really awesome.  I hope everyone who came to Redmond this week learned a ton.  Based on the emails I’m seeing this morning…


Danger and the Windows Driver Kit

The NT Insider showed up in my mail box today.  Honestly, it is usually too geeky for me, but the Peter Pontificates column caught my eye.  The headline…”Danger and the Windows Driver Kit.”  I laughed out load several times as he described the HCT as a “pain in the ass” and an old DDK PM…


First day of hands-on lab for TAP partners

The room was packed to capacity, ok beyond capacity, for the first day of the hands-on lab.  As far as I can see all of the scheduling and technical stuff is going very smoothly.  It’s really exciting to see this many people dedicating this much time to the WDK.  The best story I’ve heard all…


Handy little switch of the day

It is common to install a test OS via ASI then discover that that build you just installed has a bad NIC driver or even no NIC driver for the NIC in your test system.  I’ve described earlier how you can install the NIC driver automatically via ASI.  That will be great for next time,…


Technology over product

One of the cardinal sins of product development is creating a product to take advantage of the latest wiz-bang technology and ending up with a product that is really cool and really technologically advanced but a product that nobody wants.  I just found a great example.  I was gifted a pair of tickets for Sunday’s…


More SDV Links: thanks Steve.

Thanks to Steve Dispensa for the link to this article on Static Driver Verifier.  The article also links here, where you’ll find most of the “official” information on SDV.