Windows Communication Foundation Hands-On June 2006 CTP/RC1 Updates: Chapter Two

The code to accompany chapter two of Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation-Hands On!, updated for the June 2006 CTP/RC1 release is here:    The June 2006 CTP/RC1 release itself is here: 


Contract-First Development and Diagnosable Mental Disorders

Data sent from Windows Communication Foundation clients to Windows Communication Foundation Services is serialized to XML within the client, and de-serialized from XML within the service.  There are two XML serializers that the Windows Communication Foundation can use to accomplish that.    One of those is a new XML serializer provided with the Windows Communication…


Windows Communication Foundation Hands-on!

The book is on its way: I finished my last chapter this past Wednesday, and I believe Marc was up into the wee hours of this morning finishing his.  Nigel is furiously banging away on his chapter now that he has his hands on a new InfoCard build.    And we have an entry on…