So who knows what to believe?

I subscribe to a bunch of IT industry e-mail newsletters.  Yesterdays mail from CIO Insight was headed, "Slowdown in IT Hiring."  Today's mail, from the same source was headed, "IT Employment Hits New Highs."  Turns out that the same dude wrote both--Eric Chabrow.  Does even he not read his stuff? 

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  1. Eric Chabrow says:

    Yes, he does. The slowdown in the increase of IT hirings relates to employment in the IT services sector as reported to the government by employers whereas IT employment represents all business-technology professionals employed by all types of businesses as reported by individuals.

  2. Andrés Santamaria says:

    The issue here is not the articles themselves; they might both be very accurate and quite realistic.  However, it is the improper use of the article’s title (to attract readers I guess) what led him to creating two apparently contradicting articles.

    If they were someting like "Slowdown in IT Hiring in services sector" and "Overall IT Employment hits new heights" then this blog posting wouldn’t exist.  But omitting such minor detail as the area from the titles made the articles "look" more compelling to the casual reading…. my opinion.

    Thanks both Craig and Eric.  Good point both of you.

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