Some notes on using the Live Service Trace Viewer

  1. For the, as well as any code archive you download from a trusted source on the 'net, right-click on the zip and choose "Unblock" before extracting.  That will allow you to avoid the "this project does not come from a trusted source" crap in Visual Studio.  (And I say, "crap" not because the warning isn't a good thing, but because the feature isn't properly documented, so you have to find out tips like the one above on people's blogs). 
  2. If you are having trouble with building the solution (and I will update the zip to repair these issues),

    1. Remove the test applications from the solution
    2. Remove the icon copy post-build event from the LiveServiceTraceViewer project. 

  3. For self-hosted services, you need to follow the preferred practice of explicitly identifying your Base Addresses.  The Live Trace Listener keys off the event of the service host binding to a base address to recognize that a service is coming online.  Should have mentioned that in the documentation.  Evidently I also emit crap. 
  4. Yes, it relies on MSMQ (which is why I don't call it the "Real-Time Trace Viewer").  Neglected to mention that in this version of the documentation=more crap from me -- no wait! a queue is right there in the diagram.  But I believe that the Viewer detects whether MSMQ is avaiable and tells one to install it if it is not. 



Comments (3)

  1. jbarnes says:

    I got the Live Service Trace Viewer working and it ROCKS – great utility Craig & Vittorio!  Here are a few things I did to get it working:

    * Relace the PostBuild Event for the LiveServiceTraceViewer project with the following -> copy "$(ProjectDir)ImagesIcon.ico" "$(TargetDir)"

    * Remove the test applications as Craig outlines above and then add the individual projects back in the solution – like TestApplicationsClient and TestApplicationsBasicHTTPService

    * Run the LiveServiceTraceViewer application and use it to modify the app.config files for the client and BasicHTTP service

    * Re-compile the Client and BasicHTTPService projects

    * Run the LiveServiceTraceViewer, BasicHTTPService, & Client applications – you should see the Nodes, Connections, and messages appear in the LiveServiceTraceViewer application.

  2. simida says:

    I can’t run it on Winfx RC1.

    The LiveServiceTraceViewer cann’t show any node after any host service or client started.

    I have configed all clients and services following WMV tutorial. MSMQ installed.

    how to solve it?

  3. stephgou says:


    I succeeded in running it on Windows XP Winfx RC1 and Vista RC2.

    Perhaps you have the trouble I had before it works.

    I had to change the const declaration replacing en-US by fr-FR in LiveTraceListener Code :

    (My Vista is a US version, but my regional Settings are French).

    Craig, Vittorio

    Thanks a lot for this tool !

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