Goodies from TechReady 3 CON312 talk on extensibility

Thanks for coming to the talk.  This link should take you to a zip with the presentation, the C# solutions (ignore the Starting Point solution--look at the Extensibility solution), and the Word doc that steps you through the sequence.  Slide also included:

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  1. Savio says:

    Nice – thanks for the very interesting and ambitious talk.  Going through the book now – noted some inconsistencies but I guess that’s to be expected since WCF is still in beta.  

    The book is excellent thus far – plenty of detail and relevant info.

  2. Peck's Blog says:

    I’ve just returned from an internal Microsoft training event called TechReady. Basically, a bunch of…

  3. Petar Repac says:

    Hi !

    Sorry to bump in but I have a short question.

    I read your article "The Future of ASP.NET Web Services in the Context of the Windows Communication Foundation" and are interested what are downsides of using ASP.NET compatibility mode.

    Ok, HTTP for protocol, IIS/WAS for hosting are required, but what about e.g. other WS-* standards ?

    Greetings from Slovenia,


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