Windows Communication Foundation Hands-On June 2006 CTP/RC1 Updates: Chapter Nine

Although I didn't actually write chapter nine, a few readers have asked for updated code for that chapter.  The zip file at contains code and documentation showing how to add custom behaviors at each of the many extensibility points of the Windows Communication Foundation's Service Model.  The code is compatible with the June 2006 CTP/RC1 release which is here:


UPDATE: the official update for the code for chapter nine is now available at,guid,fa0ed46b-5dd6-4533-9c59-8b8b8279dc33.aspx 

Comments (2)

  1. Sam Gentile says:

    First of all, Happy Independence Day to all in the US! I have a lot to list here but I will likely get…

  2. Rob A says:

    Hi Craig,

    Thanks for the book it’s been great getting me off the ground with WCF. I have the June 2006 CPT and I’m trying to add new configuration attribute to a custom behaviour you explain how to do this in the beta version on page 293 of your book in the custom behaviours chapter. Now however the System.ServiceModel.Configuration namespace no longer supports a [ConfigurationProperty] attribute so I’m not sure how to achieve this. I basically want to do the same as you’ve shown there add an enabled attribute to the EndpointBehavior to turn on and off the auditing service (same as above).

    If you could help that would be fantastic

    Kind regards


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