.NET 3.0 finally released.

In case you haven’t noticed already, the RTM of .NET 3 is finally available.    Runtime: http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=70848 SDK: http://download.microsoft.com/download/1/b/3/1b3f749d-e215-482c-a004-5d9c26c75c92/6.0.6000.0.0.WindowsSDK_Vista_rtm.DVD.Rel.img Visual Studio Extensions: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=F54F5537-CC86-4BF5-AE44-F5A1E805680D&displaylang=en Workflow Designer: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=5D61409E-1FA3-48CF-8023-E8F38E709BA6&displaylang=en


Identity and Access Webcast Series

  —————————————————————————————————– Microsoft offers a broad range of technologies and products to enable a customer’s identity and access infrastructure. This web-cast and virtual lab series is designed to educate Technical Decision Makers (TDMs), and IT Professionals about Microsoft’s IDA solution areas centered around the following products:   Windows Rights Management Services (RMS) Active Directory Federation…


MIIS 2003 SP2 Early-Adopter Program Now Open!

Connected Systems Division     Summary Early-Adopter Program for MIIS 2003 SP2 with the Management Agent for SAP now OPEN!!! Valued Partners, Customers and MIIS Development Community,   I am writing to announce that MIIS 2003 SP 2 and the Management Agent for SAP are available now to MIIS 2003 SP2 Early-Adopter  Program participants.  …


Some notes on using the Live Service Trace Viewer

For the LiveTrace.zip, as well as any code archive you download from a trusted source on the ‘net, right-click on the zip and choose “Unblock” before extracting.  That will allow you to avoid the “this project does not come from a trusted source” crap in Visual Studio.  (And I say, “crap” not because the warning…


Announcing the Windows Communication Foundation Live Service Trace Viewer

  by Craig McMurtry and Vittorio Bertocci   Announcing the … Windows Communication Foundation Live Service Trace Viewer  Beta I   ·         Purpose ·         Design ·         Configuration ·         Use   Purpose:   Figure 1: The Live Service Trace Viewer     The Service Trace Viewer provided with the .NET 3.0 SDK allows the operation of…


Goodies from TechReady 3 CON312 talk on extensibility

Thanks for coming to the talk.  This link should take you to a zip with the presentation, the C# solutions (ignore the Starting Point solution–look at the Extensibility solution), and the Word doc that steps you through the sequence.  Slide also included: http://www.electronicfiles.net/files/3741/Extensibility.zip


Opening your existing Windows Presentation Foundation (Avalon) projects in the new July CTP

I’m very, very surprised that you can’t find this documented in the blogs of anyone one the Windows Presentation Foundation team, so here’s the tip: If you have existing Windows Presentation Foundation (Avalon) projects, and try to open those in Visual Studio on a machine that has the July CTP of the .NET Framework 3 installed, Visual…


Versioning Windows Communication Foundation Services

  To show how to properly deal with versioning, I’ve created a versioning decision tree. It shows you what you will need to do to handle every case, and it also shows you the consequences of each versioning choice you might make. The white diamonds are versioning decisions, decisions about how you might version a…


Windows Communication Foundation Hands-On! All the June CTP updates in one download

You can retrieve all of the June CTP updates for Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation: Hands-On! in a single download here: http://www.cryptmaker.com/junectpupdates.zip.    XP users!  Grab this alternative version of the callbacks sample for chapter 10 from www.cryptmaker.com/callbacks.zip. 


Check out this wicked *FREE* book of Visual Studio Tips n’ Tricks!

Maybe there is a free lunch after all!  A book that I always have at arms reach on my desk is the C# Programmer’s Cookbook, and now that is joined by a new book, Minh T. Nguyen’s Visual Studio .NET Tips and Tricks.  One of the challenges that our Office development team has faced is…