The Three Things to Do at PDC 2005

If I only got to do three things at PDC 2005, these are what they would be:


  1. Attend Alex Weinert's talk on developing manageable applications with the Windows Communication Foundation.  A core impetus for service-orientation is the anticipation of having an IT infrastructure composed of manageable chunks of which I know the precise costs and the precise returns on investment.  Alex shows how the Windows Communcation Foundation delivers on promise out of the box.  If your company is paying for you to go to PDC, this is the talk where you'll get the value that they were hoping for.  Plus, with kind permission of the publishers, our demo for the talk re-enacts the scenario from a techno-thriller by the hands-down best-selling author of fiction for adults.  And we'll be giving away copies of the book at the session. 

  2. Do COMHOL25: its the lab that accompanies Alex' talk--you'll re-enact the scenario with your own code. 

  3. Learn as much as possible about the technology that will be announced in the Wednesday keynote. 

With days to go, Sheryl Crow is in my head: this ain't no country club ... this is L.A.!



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