PDC 2005: Building Manageable Applications with the Windows Communication Foundation I

This is the first in a series of posts to document Amazing Alex Weinert’s COM308 talk on building manageable services with the Windows Communication Foundation.  An important impetus for the adoption of service orientation is the prospect of an information services infrastructure comprised of readily-manageable units.  Furthermore, in envisaging that more-manageable infrastructure, what people see…


If you are a software vendor interested in adopting Indigo/the Windows Communication Foundation

… then you may like to participate in our Ascend Readiness program that offers extensive hands-on workshops and labs.  Register your interest by sending an e-mail to Adoptwcf@microsoft.com.  Just tell us,   A little bit about your company, and especially whether you are a tool vendor or a line of business ISV Where your corporate office…


The Three Things to Do at PDC 2005

If I only got to do three things at PDC 2005, these are what they would be:   Attend Alex Weinert’s talk on developing manageable applications with the Windows Communication Foundation.  A core impetus for service-orientation is the anticipation of having an IT infrastructure composed of manageable chunks of which I know the precise costs…


State of Washington finally ships Indigo!

… or, more precisely, IndyGo, so that my steed can finally have its proper name.  What?  You were expecting WCF???  Or the car to be dark blue???  


New Research into Marketing Names

Today’s Seattle Times reprints a very well-written article by Richard Morin of the Washington Post reporting on some new research into the naming of colors.  “Crayola crayons came in eight straightforward colors when they were introduced in 1903: black, blude, brown, … red.  Today, Crayola makes crayons in 120 colors, including ‘Inch Worm,’ ‘Jazzberry Jam,’…


The "Windows Communication Foundation" Name

The official name for the technology formerly code-named “Indigo,” which is the “Windows Communication Foundation” is taking some time to catch on.  I expected to be sharply corrected if I slipped and referred to “Indigo” in the days following the announcment, but I have yet to hear a single person other than myself use the…


Preparing for Indigo … the complete essay

Preparing for Indigo   Indigo is the code-name for a framework for communication among software entities that will be added to the second version of the .NET framework class library.   While a second beta version is scheduled to be released in late 2005, version one of Indigo will debut in the second half of 2006.  This document…


What technology should I use today anticipating Indigo tomorrow?

I am spending this afternoon preparing a paper for a colleague to use that addresses the question of which technology I should use today anticipating the release of Indigo next year.  Yes, I know Juval Lowy and Richard Turner have already written articles on that subject: they are here and here.  I’d be very happy if…


Indigo and Jini

Some folk who read David Chappell’s excellent article on Indigo found Indigo to be reminiscent of Jini.  Let me mention just two of the fundamental differences.  I think that service is a good word to describe what you build with Jini, although I think we can all agree that the customary meaning of service has changed a…