Deep Zoom Composer新用法 – 添加Link、Menu、Slideshow

这是DZC June 2009 Preview中的新增功能,因为时间所限这些功能文档中还没有提到。下面是step-by-step介绍如何制作这些功能应用的几篇blog: Adding Links Creating Menus Slideshow Support via

New York Times Silverlight Kit Announced

Yesterday, Microsoft and the New York Times released a New York Times Silverlight Kit ( at the Enterprise Developer Conference in NYC. The kit makes it easier for designers and developers to use REST services to enhance their applications, with little to no coding needed. Check out for more details on what you can…

Expression Encoder MSDN Webcast

今天我在MSDN Webcast上进行了《2009-05-08 微软互联网平台系列课程(4) 用Expression Encoder和Silverlight创建平滑高清体验》讲座。在这里提供这次讲座PPT下载: 2009-05-08 微软互联网平台系列课程(4) 用Expression Encoder和Silverlight创建平滑高清体验.pptx

IIS Smooth Streaming MSDN Webcast

今天我在MSDN Webcast上进行了《2009-04-27 微软互联网平台系列课程(3) 用IIS Media Services交付在线流媒体》讲座。在这里提供这次讲座PPT下载: 2009-04-27 微软互联网平台系列课程(3) 用IIS Media Services交付在线流媒体 相关资源: Smooth Streaming在线演示:IIS.NET | ChinaCache Smooth Streaming演示下载: IIS Smooth Streaming Beta Sample Content | 配置步骤 技术资料:IIS Smooth Streaming Technical Overview 另外非常抱歉因为Smooth Streaming是我非常喜欢的技术,今天啰里啰唆扯了半天导致拖堂,现在把问题在这里解答: Q:Smooth Streaming的编码工具是什么? A:Expression Encoder 2 SP1   Q:如何进行Live Smooth Streaming开发和测试? A:Expression Encoder将在今年Q4发布支持Live Smooth Streaming的版本,目前Expression Encoder支持编码点播的Smooth Streaming。目前我们提供pushencoder工具来模拟Live Smooth Streaming,这样你可以先进行开发和测试。具体步骤见如下文档:—getting-started/—creating-and-managing-publishing-points/ 更多问题欢迎在评论中提出。…


Windows 7 RC 5月5日发布

4月30日MSDN和Technet,5月5日公众。见: There certainly has been a lot of discussion about Windows 7 in the last few weeks. A lot of folks want to know when they can get their hands on the official RC, when we are going to RTM, and what I had for breakfast. I’m pleased to share that the RC is on…


PHP on Windows MSDN Webcast

今天我在MSDN Webcast上进行了《微软互联网平台系列课程(2) Windows + PHP 美丽新大陆》讲座。因为MSDN Webcast网站需要一定时间发布课件下载,我先在这里提供这两次讲座PPT下载: 2009-04-09 微软互联网平台系列课程(1) 隆重推介 2009-04-23 微软互联网平台系列课程(2) Windows + PHP 美丽新大陆 课程中提到的PHP Disccussion Kit和PHP Training Kit也在这里提供下载: 2009-03-26-PhpDiscussionKit part1 part2 2009-04-07-PhpOnWindowsTrainingKit 欢迎访问获得更多PHP on Windows的技术资源。 访问获得更多Micrsoosft Web Platform资源, 以及获得将你的应用包装进App Gallery的技术。 更多资料的中文化翻译整理正在进行,敬请期待。 我们下星期一上午(微软互联网平台系列课程(3):用IIS Media Services交付在线流媒体)再见。:-)


在4月我会进行下列MSDN网络广播: 2009-04-09 微软互联网平台系列课程(1) 隆重推介 2009-04-23 微软互联网平台系列课程(2) Windows + PHP 美丽新大陆 2009-04-27 微软互联网平台系列课程(3) 用IIS Media Services交付在线流媒体 2009-05 微软互联网平台系列课程(4) 用Expression Encoder和Silverlight创建平滑高清体验 第一讲将在明天上午10点开始,欢迎前往MSDN网络广播网站注册参加。所有课程资料事后会在这里提供链接。


Microsoft is moving its Developer & IT Professional primary support content (also known as Knowledge Base – or KB – articles) from Web site to MSDN and TechNet, respectively. This move is to ensure that Developers and IT Professionals will see support information in the places they would most likely to be looking for…

New MSDN "How Do I" Video Series on Azure Services Platform

Just published: the first 9 of 40 Azure Services Platform “How Do I” (HDIs) videos . Learn about the roadmap for future HDI videos on Azure Services Platform – and make suggestions for future videos in the series –  here. You can also visit the overall HDI landing page regularly and sign up for the…