New York Times Silverlight Kit Announced

Yesterday, Microsoft and the New York Times released a New York Times Silverlight Kit ( at the Enterprise Developer Conference in NYC. The kit makes it easier for designers and developers to use REST services to enhance their applications, with little to no coding needed. Check out for more details on what you can…

More than 80000 Souls

Today top web sites in china switched to a grayscale scheme in memorial to the earth quake one year ago. My parents spent 19 years of their life there.  I spent my childhood there.  So say we all.

Expression Encoder MSDN Webcast

今天我在MSDN Webcast上进行了《2009-05-08 微软互联网平台系列课程(4) 用Expression Encoder和Silverlight创建平滑高清体验》讲座。在这里提供这次讲座PPT下载: 2009-05-08 微软互联网平台系列课程(4) 用Expression Encoder和Silverlight创建平滑高清体验.pptx

Windows 7 RC Download

32bit和64bit,英德日法西语言,已经提供对公众下载。 FAQ