Shaping the next generation deployment experience

我们正在思考下一代Visual Studio的部署体验。我们需要您帮助使下一版本Visual Studio的安装和部署尽可能有价值。


  • Do people like a lot of install options or just as few as possible.
  • Installation type: 
    • Do people install through the UI or silently?
    • Do you launch and forget about the installation or watch it go?
    • Is there a silent installation method that you would like to see supported in the future?
  • What is a reasonable time to install the product?
  • Do people like the companion products that we install?
  • Do people ever look at the installation logs? If so, what for?
  • How do you deploy your applications to your customers?
  • How often and under what circumstances do you uninstall Visual Studio?
  • How often and under what circumstances do you add/remove features to/from Visual Studio?

另外,您最近有没有遇到具有优秀安装体验的应用?告诉我们。发送您的意见到 aaronru at

感谢您帮助改进Visual Studio。


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