Enforce Design Guidelines With Styles And Behaviors

Often times, the design for an interface calls for guidelines that cannot be sufficiently controlled with styles in a Silverlight resource dictionary alone. Take for instance, the Windows Phone interface shown below, and imagine that the design guidelines specify that the application/page name (the red arrow is pointing to this element) is supposed to be in all caps….

Transitions, Animations, and Effects with Blend – Part One

Recently, I was invited to speak at a Portland Silverlight user group meeting about designing great application experiences using Silverlight and Blend, and in doing so I demonstrated a lot of the cool new capabilities that Blend provides for easily creating transitions, animations, and effects. The meeting was a lot of fun, and I covered a lot, so…

Windows System Color Theme for Silverlight – Part Three

The Windows system color theme for Silverlight now includes styles for all toolkit controls except charts and graphs (these will be themed shortly). When theming the remaining controls, we decided to make a few changes to all controls… All button controls are now slightly rounded to add a bit of visual interest to the set The “Animated” property for text…