Mix 09′ Was Amazing!

Mix 09' was amazing! There were so many great announcements and a wide variety of very interesting presentations. The two keynotes were exciting as well, and I particularly enjoyed the keynote on day 2 where Deborah Adler talked in depth about how she designed a comprehensive system for packaging prescription medicine for her master's thesis. Target saw great potential in Deborah's ideas and collaborated with her to develop the ClearRx system for prescription medicines; a system that is both beautiful and saves lives. Amazing stuff and very inspiring!

I want to quickly call attention to some of the presentations that I found particularly interesting...

The application I built during my Mix presentation is available here, and requires...

  1. VS2008 SP1
  2. Silverlight 3 Beta

I made a couple of minor tweaks to the application to improve the user experience from what I presented at Mix (e.g. the 'In Progress' page previously showed double sets of 'Save' and 'Cancel' buttons; I eliminated this problem), and, please note that there are a couple of bugs that may appear in the UI as you interact with it, and these are known issues (e.g. paging may not work consistently and deleting items from the main DataForm on the 'In Progress' page will throw an error if you delete any item that sits right above a group header).

Also, the two application styles I show at the beginning of my presentation are available here, and look as follows when applied to your application when created using the new Silverlight 3 Navigation template...


Frosted Cinnamon Toast


Lime Shocker


You can easily swap in one of my App.xaml files for the App.xaml file produced when you use the Silverlight 3 Navigation template, but you may need to upate the namespace reference; for example, if I use the template to create an application called 'SLApp', the App.xaml file will show the following for the x:class 'x:Class="SLApp1.App"'. My App.xaml file might use the following namespace, so you will need to update it to match yours, x:Class="UIOne.App".

I can't wait for Mix 10'! I hope you'll be there, but in the mean time be sure to check out the great Mix 09' content!


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  1. bbakermai says:

    Your style work is very good for business apps. I am so sick of red flames and the all-black look so many designers lean towards. Thanks for posting your code (and styles!). I have been in the Alexandria early adopter group since late last year, and have an application almost complete based on .Net RIA Services and SL3. I have minimalist stylings applied, and look forward to learning some of the eye-catching things you have done with SL3 animations in the sample application.

  2. In this all-submittal issue: Mark Monster , Rob Houweling , Bart Czernicki , and Jan Jelinek . Shoutouts

  3. Corrina says:

    Hi bbakermai,

    It’s great to hear that you have an almost complete application based on .Net RIA Services and SL3. Very cool! Also, I’m psych’d to hear that the application styling possibilities are appealing to you! I’m totally jazzed about this stuff and can’t wait to explore it to greater depth 🙂

    • Corrina
  4. Have you tried out the new Silverlight 3 Navigation Application?  Our plan with this as to make

  5. ekeich says:

    Hi Corrina (or anyone that knows the answer),

    I tried to reskin the app like in the presentation, but I am not able to get it to work properly.

    Do you just replace the Application.Resources section from the Mix09_SampleApplication with the Application.Resources from one of the other sample application styles? or do you have to change the namespace in the x:Class line or something else?

    When I try both above approaches, I get all kinds of errors.  In the video it looked pretty simple to change, am I missing something?


  6. Corrina says:

    Hi Eric,

    You should be able to use the new Silverlight Navigation Template to create a Silverlight application, and, then, open App.xaml and replace from the opening Application.Resources tag to the closing tag with the style you want from above, and it should build. If that doesn’t work I may need to take a look at your project.

    • Corrina
  7. I have previously written about the UNPLUGGED road trip that Mike , Nathan and I have been on. I also

  8. jon.weber says:

    Brilliant-Simply Brilliant!!!

    I am eagerly awaiting today’s big announcement to see what "newness" is announced…

    Keep up the great work-you and your team (by what I have seen in the beta for version 3) are making great progress!

    Jon Weber


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