Bubbly Skin Updated for Beta 2

I finally had a bit of free time to update the bubbly skin to beta 2. If you would like to use this skin feel free to download and use my sample project using the link below, and you can view it live if you'd like too...

Bubbly Skin
View live...
Download skin...


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  1. TerryLee says:


  2. RajeevGoel says:

    This sample has been posted to http://silverlightnuggets.com

  3. Alex Golesh With Quick tip on an error msg, Martin Mihaylov rearraning SubImages, Koen Zwikstra with

  4. raianeh says:

    Hi, It does not work on latest Silverlight. Could you please, please update the Skin to RTW ? Thank you

  5. Rudi Grobler says:

    The WPF Themes CodePlex project has been updated, 4 Themes and 2 new controls were added!!! Controls

  6. mark1230 says:

    oh great updated skin .. thanks for it

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