Practical Lexicography – A Reader


I am glad to announce the publication of “Practical Lexicography: A Reader” (OUP, January 2008) , a collection of over 20 papers dealing with hot topics such as word senses and word sense disambiguation, corpus design, dictionary definitions and examples, collocations and phraseology, the use of the web as a corpus, the extraction of collocations from corpora, frame semantics, lexical functions, learners’ dictionaries, dictionary use, bilingual dictionaries, theoretical lexicography, WordNet and semantic networks, etc.


It has been fun to work with people like Sue Atkins, Michael Rundell, Adam Kilgarriff, Tony Cowie, Chuck Fillmore, Ken Church, Alain Duval, Patrick Hanks, Juri Apresjan, Batia Laufer, Greg Grefenstette and a few other authors to edit this collection of “classics”, to introduce their papers and to organize it so that it can be used as reference by people who teach or study lexicography as well as by professional lexicographers who create print dictionaries, and by computational linguists who build lexicons for natural language processing. The book is also an essential companion for The Oxford Guide to Practical Lexicography by Sue Atkins and Michael Rundell, published by Oxford University Press in the same series in July 2008.


You will find the full table of contents of this Reader on the OUP web site:


Thierry Fontenelle

Microsoft Natural Language Group



The Reader has now been reviewed in:

International Journal of Lexicography (Vol.21/2, June 2008) (by Reinhard Hartmann)

Revue Française de Linguistique Appliquée (RFLA, 2008/1) (by Geoffrey Williams)
Kernerman Dictionary News, Number 16, July 2008 (by Rik Schutz)
International Journal of Corpus Linguistics (14:1), 2009 (by Geoffrey Williams)

TAL – Traitement Automatique des Langues, 49-2, 2008 (by Michael Zock)








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