Conor vs. Extended Events

I have been playing with the XEvent feature in SQL 2012 (RC0) and there are a few gotchas that I hit.  I figured I’d post them up here so that others could learn from my experiences.  I was trying to do something pretty simple – get the % Processor Used computation from the performance counters. …


Conor vs. Synergija Slide Decks

I had a great time visiting Belgrade last week.  I’d like to thank everyone who attended one of my talks and I wanted to post up the slide decks for those who would like to see them.  One talk was on the new SQL 2012 ColumnStore index feature + basic design overview.  For those who…


Conor vs. Sinergija 2011

As a professional announcement, I will not be speaking at PASS this year (nor will I be at the conference).  Instead, I will be in Belgrade, Serbia the following week to speak at the Sinergija 11 conference.  I’ll be doing a talk on the new ColumnStore index and I believe I’ll also be doing a…


Conor vs. Max Server Memory

  Question (paraphrased):  “Conor, does changing the max server memory settings always empty the plan cache on SQL 2005 and 2008?” Answer: yes, this is what happens and what is supposed to happen.  One of the inputs to the optimizer is the max server memory, and it is used in the costing functions to determine…


Conor vs. SQL Saturday Austin

I’ll be talking about one of the new things our team has been develping this Saturday at the SQL Saturday event in Austin ( on the new ColumnStore index being added in the upcoming release of SQL Server.  It will have a little something for everyone, so I hope to see some of you there.  The…


Conor vs. Parallel Execution Plan Contexts/Runtime Instances

I’ve received a question about parallel execution plans from a customer. ( Execution contexts for parallel plans are not cached. A necessary condition for SQL Server to compile a parallel query plan is that the minimum of the number of processors that have survived the processor affinity mask and the value of the "max degree…


Conor vs. SQLBits 2011 Brighton

Here is the slide deck from my presentation at SQLBits Friday in Brighton file   I had a great time at SQLBits, even though I had to leave early.  Thank you to everyone who attended the talk and to those who asked questions and gave me feedback.  It is always wonderful to talk to our…


Conor vs. SQLBits (United Kingdom)

I will be in Brighton, England this upcoming Friday where I will be speaking at the SQLBits conference.  I plan to give a talk that goes deep into how many SQL Server processes Update queries (Insert, Update, Delete).  So, if you’ve ever wanted to learn about why the plan shapes look like they do, this…


Conor vs. Map-Reduce vs. Databases

I found this paper interesting, so you might too.  It covers some of the differences between parallel database systems and map-reduce style computation: Happy Querying! Conor


Conor vs. Views/Tables

I received an email from a reader this weekend that has a lot of different questions, but one of the main questions related to the difference between views and base tables in SQL Server’s plan generation process.  ie if I have a view “select * from table” vs. a table “table”, does the optimizer treat…