Conor vs. PASS 2013

I’ll be speaking at PASS this year.  In fact, some folks at MS interviewed me about it and posted it here:   Interview with Conor Cunningham   I hope to see you there!   Conor


Conor vs. Premium Edition in Windows Azure SQL Database (aka SQL Azure)

FYI, I helped write a white paper that got released this week.  It relates to a new edition of WA SQL Database that was released this week called the “Premium Edition”.  The primary benefit of the feature is the ability to reserve resources for a given database and to guarantee that an application can scale…

Conor vs. SQL Azure Optimizer Hotfix Traceflag 4199

Another question:  Does Windows Azure SQL Database (aka SQL Azure) run with or without the optimizer hotfix traceflag (4199) from normal SQL Server? Answer:  It currently does NOT run with 4199 enabled.  In the future, we may be able to expose something more specific and advanced here.  Customers needing to have this level of control…

Conor vs. SQL Azure Parallel Query

(The official name is Windows Azure SQL Database, but since SQL Database is hard to search for, I included SQL Azure up in the title). One question I got from my recent trip was around query parallelism in WASD/SQL Azure.  Currently WASD does not support parallel queries for user operations.  That’s not a “never” statement,…

Conor vs. SQLBits Spring 2013 Nottingham

(finally done with travel and work stuff long enough to post up my slide deck :)) I could safely say that I have never been introduced by Robin Hood at one of my talks.  I always have so much fun at SQL Bits because they just get how to throw a fun, fun conference.  Thanks…

Conor vs. SQL Injection

While I was at SQL Intersection yesterday, I was asked if Microsoft has any best practice guidance on avoiding SQL Injection attacks. I asked around a bit and, sure enough, yes we do. Best Practice Guidance on SQL Injection Proections

Conor vs. Spring 2013 Conference Schedule

Hello all, I will be speaking at the following public conferences this Spring: 1. SQLIntersection 2013, Las Vegas – week of April 7th.   ( 2. SQLBits Spring 2013, Nottingham, UK – week of May 2nd ( For those interested in hearing about some of the new technologies coming from Microsoft, please feel free to register…

Conor vs. Azure Architecture

  FYI – we just posted a white paper that covers some of the “how to think about Windows Azure SQL Database architecture” learning we have had while working with customers making transitions to the cloud from existing, on-premise SQL Server solutions. Enjoy! Conor