New SQL Azure Features

FYI, we announced new features on SQL Azure today, including SQL Azure as a distributed query target for SQL Server:


Conor vs. SQLRally Nordic 2012

Hi all – FYI I will be speaking at SQL Rally in Copenhagen in early October along with a few of my coworkers from the SQL team (I am giving my own talk).  I’ll be speaking about the Query Optimizer in SQL 2012.  More information here ( Also, I was interviewed by one of our…


Conor vs. SQLBits X Slide Decks

Thanks for all who attended SQLBits last weekend and for those of you who attended my talks. I had three talks this time at SQLBits, including the technical keynote on Saturday.  I’ve attached these decks for your reference here: Making DW Easy ppt deck SQL Server 2012 ColumnStore Keynote ppt deck Distributed Query Deep Dive…


Conor vs. Traceflags

I got a question from a reader asking me to explain various cases for the use of one of our traceflags.  The flag in question doesn’t matter per se (the only official documentation on the flag, 2301, is at  I am going to talk a bit about some of the things we do when…


Conor vs. SQL Azure Pricing

New Pricing for SQL Azure is out today (and it is cheaper on storage):


Conor vs. window functions, sequence/ranking functions order-of-operations

We had a customer issue today that ended up being by-design but was confusing enough that I offered to write up a blog post so that people could reference it in the future.  It boils down to the question “when should ROW_NUMBER() be computed in a query?” I’ll define some terms: Sequence/Ranking functions:  ROW_NUMBER(), RANK(),…


Conor vs. SqlBits Spring 2012

For those interested, I will be speaking at the SqlBits conference in London, UK at the end of March.  I’ll be giving the Saturday keynote (on the new Batch processing engine in SQL 2012 used with Column Store indexes) and 2 other talks (one on Data Warehousing broadly and the other on Distributed Query Internals)…


Conor vs. SQL Azure Resource Usage

For those of you watching SQL Azure, you probably have noticed that it releases more frequently than regular SQL Server.  There was a release in late November/early December (it is complicated since the installation of the new software is done largely transparently to customers and it is done over the course of several days –…


Conor vs. ColumnStore Index Stats

  I haven’t posted much on the new SQL Server 2012 features yet, but I’m going to start doing so soon.  I’ll also be speaking about them at upcoming conferences.  We have an exciting new index type in SQL Server 2012 that is column-oriented called the ColumnStore index.  It is a multi-column index that, when…


Conor vs. Distributed Query Provider Hints

(I promised I’d write more ) Today I will talk a bit about Distributed Query (DQ), a feature that lets you query across databases/servers.  I’ve previously posted an academic paper we wrote on the subject some time back (, but today I’ll post something up there for folks considering how query plans get optimized. SQL…