Conor vs. Row Growth in Read Committed Snapshot Isolation

At PASS last week, I was asked about fragmentation caused by RCSI when a row is first converted to use RCSI. I talked to some people in the team and found that one of my colleagues had already written a nice blog entry about it. Basically, the overhead is taken once and you can…


Conor vs. PASS (Slide Decks)

I had a great time at PASS last week and got to talk to a lot of wonderful customers- thank you! As promised, here are the decks: Update Talk Performance Troubleshooting Talk Happy Querying! Conor


Conor vs. PASS

It’s one of the most exciting weeks of the year to be a SQL Server junkie – PASS is this week in Seattle! I’m giving a talk on the many details of Update queries.  It will cover the various operators and how they work, why the plan shapes look the way they do, where things…