Portal Customization – Creating Search Scopes

Following up with the Previous Post “Portal Customization – Understanding Search Scopes” We will now look into the process of creating a custom Search Scope. For this posting we will Create a Search Scope for “All Politicians” From the Administration Page click on “Search Scopes” Click on New On the General Tab Enter in information about the…

Criteria-Based Bulk Portal Object Deletion

Today I’d like to discuss a topic that comes up from time to time: how to (intelligently) bulk delete a group of objects from the FIM portal based on a set of criteria. There are several ways of handling this, but most rely on the use of an additional custom activity workflow (generally PowerShell based)….


5 Minute FIM Hacks: Increasing Number of Search Results (ListView)

This is the second in a series of posts we’ll be calling “5 Minute FIM Hacks”. The purpose of these posts will be to provide quick and simple tips and tricks for customizing FIM to make it perform better or be easier to use.   Today’s 5 Minute FIM Hack is about changing the number…