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  1. Mike@UNIBZ says:

    Yes they are! 🙂
    Me again: did you receive the mail from Tim Macaulay? It contains further details about my statement (which I retain still valid, btw)

    1. This example is just that an example, if you don’t like it I’m sure you can find another free blog out there where people post and update on their own time outside of normal working hours often well into the night.

  2. Mike@UNIBZ says:

    @Anthony: The variable names in both your examples are disordered (accountExpires vs. employeeEndDate), meaning the example in fact is wrong and not working! Even if the errors are not very difficult to find, you should correct this as soon as possible! Thank you.

    1. Actually this was taken from a working environment, just because you can’t get it to work doesn’t mean it’s broken.
      Are you defining the variables correctly , what is your precedence for the attributes ?

      If your looking for additional examples of how to construct the code the additional post also utilize the Account Expires Code

      1. Mike@UNIBZ says:

        Curious if comments are working again…

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