Criteria-Based Bulk Portal Object Deletion

Today I’d like to discuss a topic that comes up from time to time: how to (intelligently) bulk delete a group of objects from the FIM portal based on a set of criteria. There are several ways of handling this, but most rely on the use of an additional custom activity workflow (generally PowerShell based)….


Group Synchronization and Group Management

There are a lot of guides out there that walk you through the steps of setting up Inbound Group Synchronization from Active Directory, on the surface these guides are correct except for 1 major flaw, most of the guides if not all of them show constant values for membershipLocked and the membershipAddWorkflow  attributes. This would…

Workflows, Function Evaluator, and Activities

Basic Function Evaluator activity(Building a Display Name) So for aBuild Display Name Workflow Activity I would have a workflow with 3 potentialactivities. 1. Trim(ProperCase(FirstName))                              [//Target/FirstName]   2.Trim(ProperCase(LastName))                              [//Target/LastName] 3. Build Display Name FirstName (Space) Last   This workflow Described above actually does 3 things, Proper cases the First Name and the last names of the…