Locks are bad for your application’s health

For the next couple of posts, I will turn this blog into a message-passing soap-box. If you read my earlier posts, you know that I think the current mainstream methodologies for reasoning about concurrent applications have some issues, to be diplomatic. I will elaborate a bit on that and suggest that other models have fewer such…


New developer center

Coinciding with the CTP release of Parallel Extensions to .NET, MSDN just opened a developer center site for Parallel Computing topics. Of course, you’re more likely to have found that than this blog, but in case some reader was unaware of it, take a look right here.  



Lots of things have been written on concurrency since the 80s when Tony Hoare’s book on Communicating Sequential Processes (CSP) was published, and the state of the art has advanced since then, but I still find it a great book to go back to every now and then for a relatively straight-forward discussion of the kind of…