SP2 Updates

New Starter Site Download

There has been an update to the SP2 package for the starter site. The download link is the same as below, but if you downloaded before June 6th, please re-download.


This version includes optimization for IIS7 Integrated Pipeline support as well as some bug fixes.

Here's how you can validate if you have the right version:

The new downloadable package "CS2007-StarterSite-En.Exe" is size 1,359,392 bytes. The "Starter.pup" (after unpack the downloaded package) is size 335,872 bytes and dated as 05/21/2008

Installation Issue when hotfixes present

This is a work around if you are installating CS 2007 SP2 and fails before completing (the progress bar rollback and cannot finish installation).

This is a problem with the MSI installer. The previous installed CS2007-SP1 hotfixes prevent CS2007-SP2 from being successfully installed.

To resolve this issue uninstall any CS2007-SP1 hotfixes prior to installing CS2007-SP2. You may also obtain the CS2007SP1QFERemover.exe by opening a PSS Support case with the Commerce Server Support team.

The CS2007SP1QFERemover will automatically uninstall any CS2007-SP1 hotfixes to establish a clean environment so you will be able to successfully install CS2007-SP2. A knowledge base article is available for this issue: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/954001/en-us

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