Sneak Preview of Commerce Server Roadmap

In my personal blog, I have posted some updates on the Commerce Server roadmap – check it out at reaffirming Microsoft’s commitment to the enterprise e-commerce space. A recap of the salient points: Ongoing service packs and platform support updates will be provided for the standard support lifecycle of Commerce Server 2007, which ends 7/12/2011…

Live from Redmond – Commerce Server 2007 Staging System Development by Esra Onalan

The second in our Live from Redmond series! Learn how to develop programmatically against the Commerce Server 2007 Staging System by Esra Onalan. You will learn: Overview Concepts Security Authentication Replication Tools API Set Hands on Code Create Projects Manage Projects Manage Routes Manage Service Error Handling Join us via Livemeeting (info below)! Thanks, Caesar….


Live From Redmond Series – Commerce Server 2007 Profile System Development by David Hargis

Hi there, we’re launching a series of webcasts targeting Commerce Server 2007 developers. These sessions are developer presented and intended to provide you with a direct in-depth connection to the development team. The first webcast is Profile System Development by David Hargis Friday May 11th 2007 8AM-9:30AM. Learn how to develop using Commerce Server 2007…


Mix Silverlight and Commerce Server 2007 at Mix ’07 in Las Vegas Next Week

If you think that Microsoft’s recently announced Silverlight technology and Commerce Server together ether don’t go together or need a lot of integration – think again! The two actually work great together today with zero integration. And next week, we are going to show you how. If you are visiting the Mix ’07 conference in…

Using CS2007 with Office SharePoint Server 2007

So, if you have been wanting waiting to use Office SharePoint Server 2007 in conjunction with Commerce Server 2007, this is the whitepaper for you.  This document covers the topics needed to take Commerce Server data and services and make them visible in portal sites based on Office SharePoint Server 2007. Samples are provided…

Troubleshooting Discounts

A frequent question I’m asked is “Why isn’t my discount applying?”  The best way to troubleshoot a discount issue is to use pipeline logging in conjunction with the tracing feature of the OrderDiscount component.  Remember that you should only use this for troubleshooting, preferably on a test system as logging and tracing will slow down…


Importing / Exporting Catalogs in Excel Spreadsheet format

I’ve had many requests from customers that wished their business users could work with a spreadsheet offline instead of working with their product catalog online. The primary reason is their master product catalog resides in an ERP system, plus additional auxiliary information that resides in other systems. Some of them pull this information together manually,…


Creating BizTalk Applications that use Commerce Server Adapters

During the installation of the Commerce Server 2007 Adapters, the installer will deploy the Microsoft.CommerceServer.Adapter.GlobalPropertySchemas into the default BizTalk application. The CS Adapters use the GlobalPropertySchemas to write and read context values to the messages that are specific to the adapter.  After installation, you will be able to add the adapters through the BizTalk Administration console,…


Updated documentation for Commerce Server 2007 is now available.

The updated documentation for Commerce Server 2007 is now available at .   This update includes significant changes or additions to the following sections: ·  The Developer’s Guides ·  The  Deployment Guide ·  The Operations Guide ·  The Staging Guide · The Business Users Guide