Live from Redmond: Commerce Server 2007 Order System Development by Vinod Kumar

Learn how to develop using  the Commerce Server 2007 Order System by Vinod Kumar.

We are structuring the webcast as:

1.   Presentation 90 minutes (join via Livemeeting info below)

2.   Q&A for public community 15 minutes

3.  Q&A for private invites 15 minutes

You will learn how to work with the Order system to create and maintain shopping carts, processing the order, saving the order, and retrieving order history. The content will cover:

1.     Order System Architecture

2.     Initializing the Order system

3.     Using Baskets classes (create shopping cart, named baskets. CRUD line items)

4.     Using Orders classes (CRUD for Orders)

5.     Pipeline structure, and mapping orders classes to pipeline structure

6.     Processing Orders using the Orders Pipeline

7.     How to integrate 3rd party payment processors/tools (i.e. creating a custom .net pipeline component, this can be as simple as a sample walk-through)

8.     Mapping pipeline structure to orders classes

9.     Mapping orders classes to orders storage

10.   Extending the Order System (need to walk through the steps, and configuring the schema)

Join us via Livemeeting (info below)!

Thanks, Caesar.


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  1. One of the questions I am commonly asked is "Where can I learn more about Commerce Server?".

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