Starter Site on a Non-standard Port

If you install the starter site onto a port other than 80 you may need to do some code munging.  On line 276 of App_Code\SiteContext.cs there is a line of code that looks like this:             builder.Port = -1; // Removes the port setting from the site. This ensures that the correct port is used…


The Performance Guide is Here!

A LOT have people have been asking about performance information on CS2007 for a long time. Well, the myriad of internal reviews and testing is over at long-last and the CS20007 Performance Guide has been released to the Web. Download it at: And enjoy the RUSH of speed. Happy Holidays!

Commerce Server handling of DateTime values and time zones

The different systems in Commerce Server take somewhat different approaches for how they store DateTime values.  The desired convention is that DateTimes are stored in the database in Universal Time (UTC, or GMT if you prefer) and the API’s surface and consume DateTimes in local time.  The design rationale for storing DateTimes in UTC is that…


Using Fiddler to capture SOAP messages between the CS2007 Web services and clients

I’ve found it really useful to utilize HTTP monitoring tools like Fiddler to monitor the traffic between the CS2007 Business User Apps and the Web services.  Fiddler acts like an HTTP proxy server between the client and server, logging the traffic and letting you visualize it in interesting ways.  There are just a few gotchas that…