Learn About Bash on Windows Subsystem For Linux


Bash on Ubuntu on Windows has been making a lot of waves since it was announced at //Build 2016 in April 2016.

But as with any new technology, many people have questions including:

  • How does Bash on Ubuntu on Windows (Bash) work?
  • What is Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)?
    • Is this just a VM? (No!)
    • Doesn’t this just wrap the Linux kernel? (No!)
  • Where do the Linux files exist on my HDD/SSD?
  • How are Linux binaries loaded and executed?
  • How the heck does this thing work??? (Hint: Magic ;))
  • How do I install it?
  • Etc.

To help answer some of these questions we’ve collected together most of the learning resources – docs, blog posts, and videos, below, where you can learn all about this exciting new Windows 10 feature:

This is our original intro video which was published simultaneously with the original launch of Bash/WSL at Build 2016.

Note that most of the caution urged in the video above, regarding WSL’s initial “gaps” and “missing features” has been remedied in the Insider builds leading up to, and including, Windows 10 Creators Update.

After Windows 10 Anniversary Update was launched, we immediately began work on features that will ultimately show-up in Windows 10 Creator Update (due spring 2017). These new Bash/WSL and Console features were introduced in the Windows Insider builds rolling out of our build labs during the latter half of 2016, which I summarize in several posts on this blog, and in a follow-up video here:

And one should also, of course, read the official WSL docs, especially the three most useful parts:

We also invited some of the key Bash/WSL architects and developers to explain the key internal workings of Bash/WSL. The result is a series of WSL internals-focused blog posts and Channel9 videos recorded by the inimitable Seth Juarez for your viewing enjoyment!

Note: This list of posts and videos will be updated as we drop new content so be sure to come back once every couple of weeks to learn more!

  1. Blog: Windows Subsystem for Linux: Architectural Overview
  2. Blog: Windows Subsystem for Linux: Process Architecture
  3. Blog: Windows Subsystem for Linux: WSL System Calls
  4. Blog: Windows Subsystem for Linux: WSL File System Support
  5. Blog: Windows and Ubuntu Interoperability
  6. Blog: WSL Networking

Hope you enjoy these resources. We have more planned, but if there’s anything you’re particularly interested in learning about, pile onto the comments 🙂



  • 2016/06/09 – Added Syscalls post & video
  • 2016/06/15 – Added Filesystem post & video
  • 2016/10/20 – Added Interop post & video
  • 2016/11/15 – Added Networking post & video
  • 2016/12/15 – Added Update video
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