Huge improvements to Bash on Ubuntu on Windows in Build 14361

Dona Sarkar, the new owner of the Windows Insider Big Red Release Button has just announced the release of Windows 10 Anniversary Update Insiders Build 14361 to the fast-ring: Start your download engines - this is a release filled with huge improvements, too numerous to list here, but which are nicely summarized in the release email.

Also included in this release are a large number of very important improvements to Bash on Ubuntu on Windows and the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). The WSL team have published a list of the most notable changes to this (and previous) builds on the WSL release notes page.

One of the most exciting new features in this build is support in WSL for Pseudo Terminals (PTY) which finally enables Tmux support! What is Tmux and why should you care? Read more about this feature including a getting started tutorial on this accompanying post.

As we near the end of our engineering period for Windows 10 Anniversary Updates, we encourage everyone interested in helping improve Bash on Ubuntu on Windows to install this and subsequent builds, and to file any new issues on our GitHub Issues repo: We greatly appreciate your help testing and validating Bash on Ubuntu on Windows and WSL - the issues you've reported have resulted in many important and meaningful fixes making it into the product, making this first release better for all.

Comments (5)

  1. James Rome says:

    Bash networking is still not working on build 14372

  2. coyot linden says:

    We are interested in knowing if there are plans to have a Ubuntu shell on Windows Server in the future.

    1. Its a request we hear regularly. If this is important to you, please find/upvote an ask on our UserVoice and, if you can, share your scenario so we better understand your needs. Thanks.

  3. Asmit De says:


    Is there a way to add Linux binary paths to VSCode settings? For example, I have git installed in Bash on Ubuntu on Windows, and I have VSCode installed in Windows. Can I point to the git inside WSL from VSCode in Windows?


    1. Not entirely sure – you may want to open a bug on the VSCode team.

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