Link: The Future of Microsoft Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management

The GM of Visual Studio Ultimate, Cameron Skinner, recently gave a talk at Tech-Ed 2011 about Application Lifecycle Management. It is worth taking a look at if you’re interested in some of the new features being created for the next release of Visual Studio, such as the Team Navigator, shown below:


PDC 2008 – See the Sessions

This year if you didn’t get a chance to go to the Professional Developer’s Conference (PDC), there is still a wealth of information available to you. The most valuable resource I think are the videos of all the PDC sessions. Here are a few of the sessions that I’ve viewed and found most interesting: Improving…


Visual Studio 2010

This week Microsoft is starting to talk about Visual Studio 2010. One of the best resources I’ve seen has a bunch of videos from various Microsoft folks about some of the new features and what the high-level goals of the next release of Visual Studio are. Take a look at the Channel 9 site.  There isn’t much about profiling just…


Tip: VS2008 – Finding and Setting Properties (Right-Click)

The Visual Studio Profiler has many properties and options and this tip shows you where to find most of them. Future posts may cover some of the specific properties in more detail. Performance Session:   Select an existing Performance Session in the Performance Explorer to see properties in the Properties Window. If the Properties Window…


Tip: VS2008 – Understanding Performance Targets

If you have a solution that contains multiple projects it is important to know what the ‘Targets’ group in the Performance Explorer is used for. The PeopleTrax solution shown on the right has 4 projects, with 3 of them compiling to managed DLLs and 1 compiling to an executable. After running the Performance Wizard to…


Quick Tip: VS2008 – Compare Reports Quickly

While investigating a performance problem you may need to collect many Performance Reports and compare them. You can use the Performance Explorer to quickly compare two reports by: Selecting two reports. Right-clicking and choosing ‘Compare Performance Reports…’ The oldest report will be used for the ‘Baseline’ report and the other report will be used for…


Tech-Ed 2008 Wrap-up

Quite a few people at Tech-Ed wanted to know more about the various components of Visual Studio Team System (which we sometimes refer to as SKUs). For example, how does Team Foundation Server (TFS) fit in with the client SKUs? What are the differences between Visual Studio Team System Development Edition and Visual Studio Team…


Tech-Ed 2008 Demos

Last year my boss took a trip to sunny Orlando to present at Tech-Ed and to offer help and suggestions in the Technical Learning Center (TLC). This year I’m lucky enough to be attending with a couple of other folks (Habib and Tim) and since I’m not an official Speaker I’ll be spending most of…


Performance: Inserting Marks Using Code

Ian previously covered using the VS 2008 Data Collection Control to choose when to collect data. The Data Collection Control can also be used to insert marks into the performance report, but sometimes it is convenient to modify the source code to do this automatically. Consider a typical application (PeopleTrax) where I am interested in…


Performance: Find Application Bottlenecks With Visual Studio Profiler

If you’re a subscriber to msdn magazine, take a look at the article in the March 2008, Vol 23, No 4 issue on Page 81 which describes how to use the Visual Studio 2008 profiler to improve the performance of an application. A couple of members of the profiler team examine a Mandelbrot fractal drawing program…