Collaborative Straight Through Processing Webcast

Interested in the advanced features of SharePoint?  Here’s an Insurance and Technology sponsored webcast where Bill Hartnett and I demonstrate how to build an underwriting system on top of Microsoft SharePoint 2007 (with Windows Workflow Foundation and Office products). We call this Collaborative STP. Enjoy. .     

ACORD organization standardizes on Microsoft Unified Communication platform

Great case study that shows how ACORD uses Microsoft Unified Communication and SharePoint both internally and externally to manage their large membership community. The platform is leveraged for document management; instant messaging; telephony; and voice, video, and web conferencing.  Read the details here. .

Silverlight 3, SSL, and ClientAccessPolicy.xml

If you’re new to Silverlight 3, there seems to be some required changes to the infamous clientaccesspolicy.xml to enable cross domain webservice calls. The typical clientaccesspolicy file that’s worked fine in SL2 would not work for us with SL3. Couple that with the requirement of SSL, and this gets kind of tricky.  We beat our heads against…


ACORD Forum 2009

Hi. Our team just returned from the ACORD forum this year held in Orlando Florida. Microsoft had a great presence at the forum and we showcased some fantastic industry solutions ranging from SharePoint (collaboration in insurance), Silverlight (next generation user experiences within in insurance), Surface (Life insurance Surface demo), Tellme, and Virtual Earth.  More information can be…

Laptop Configuration for Hardcore Demos

I showcase a lot of industry scenarios to customers (live demo presentations), and I build a lot of demonstrations myself; so I need a fast demo environment for customer meetings as well as a top-notch developer environment for writing code. I need a platform that both performs and is flexible to vast array of different…

Media Center extender fails when joined to a domain controller

I have a home Windows 2003 Server with an AD domain controller.  I also have a Vista Ultimate Media Center with two XBOX 360’s MC Extenders hanging off (note: i don’t like or play video games — just use them as MC extenders).  Previously, my MC was not a member of my home domain controller,…