Learning SharePoint Part VII – List Pagination

A very small group of you saw this post go up and then come right back down again.  I found a bug about 30 seconds after posting this.    Here is the updated post.  NOTE: The bug had to do with not fully understanding how the pagination handled moving backwards in the list.  It appeared to…


C# Code Header Designer 1.0 Released to MSDN Code Gallery

Recently I finished an engagement where the customer received the source code.  When MCS does this, we typically add a header to each source file, which contains information related to the engagement.    About two years ago, I wrote up a little application to apply a standard code header to a source tree.  I dug it…


ASP.NET Session Monitor 1.0 Released to MSDN Code Gallery

A couple of years ago I was dealing with an ASP.NET application with session state issues.  This happens, if you can believe it.  I was flummoxed by the problem and the routine checks and configuration options didn’t seem to fix the problem (although there was one little thing that was causing me problems and I…


Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 PSI Extension Generator 1.0: Released to MSDN Code Gallery

PSI Extensions are custom web services that execute within the Project Server Interface infrastructure, sharing the same security context as other PSI web services. PSI Extensions can be very important in building line of business and integration solutions using Microsoft Office Project Server 2007. To enable developers to take advantage of PSI Extensions, I have…


Updated GUI For IExpress

There is a neat little tool called IExpress that has been around for a long time.  IExpress creates a self-extracting EXE from a specified set of files.   The resultant executable can be configured to prompt the user (“Are you sure you want to install?”), display a license file, run another executable (or batch file or…


Tools & Technologies for Building Solutions with Microsoft Project: Update on mpFx Part I

I have been working at Microsoft nearly five months already.  It is hard to believe how time flies!   Yesterday a colleague made the comment “Your blog…what happened?  Since you joined MS…no more blog?“  I didn’t intend to go dark, but I have been nonstop busy for five months.  I thought I would take time today…


Microsoft SQL Server Data Services (SSDS): First Contact

I have been reading about cloud computing quite a bit.  I found that Microsoft is doing something really interesting under the code name "Sitka" (there is now a public beta, so the code word is no longer internal). Sitka, or SSDS, is cloud entity storage that offers SLA features to include massive scale, availability, performance,…


MSDN Code Gallery Report Released

Here it is.  Download the setup here.  Download the source here. Enjoy. This will be my last for a while.  I have to focus on the book and I am off to a 20 week engagement.


Breaking The Silence

It has been a while.  In addition to my daily project work, I am working on several side projects in various states of readiness: 1.)  Project Pro add-in for managing security 2.)  Project-Pro adding for managing custom fields 3.)  Schedule analyzer 4.)  Lookup table value import tool 5.)  Algorithms for overcoming the 1000-row project queue…


Learning SharePoint – Part II

I have made some serious progress since my last post.  I found this very handy extension method, which adds a TryGetValue to SPListItem. 1: // Credits: http://blog.mastykarz.nl/obtain-fields-values-splistitem/comment-page-1/#comment-11076 2: internal static bool TryGetValue<T>(this SPListItem listItem, string fieldName, out T value) 3: { 4: value = default(T); 5:  6: try 7: { 8: object candidate = listItem[fieldName];…