Learning SharePoint Part VII – List Pagination

A very small group of you saw this post go up and then come right back down again.  I found a bug about 30 seconds after posting this.    Here is the updated post.  NOTE: The bug had to do with not fully understanding how the pagination handled moving backwards in the list.  It appeared to…


MSDN Code Gallery Report Released

Here it is.  Download the setup here.  Download the source here. Enjoy. This will be my last for a while.  I have to focus on the book and I am off to a 20 week engagement.


MSDN Code Gallery Download Report

In an attempt to divert my brain and as a break from SharePoint development, I wrote  a simple utility this weekend that generates a consolidated report of download counts for any resource housed at MSDN Code Gallery, including projects, releases, and files.  Here is a screenshot: The user interface takes a resource (or project) name…