Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 PSI Extension Generator 1.0: Released to MSDN Code Gallery

PSI Extensions are custom web services that execute within the Project Server Interface infrastructure, sharing the same security context as other PSI web services. PSI Extensions can be very important in building line of business and integration solutions using Microsoft Office Project Server 2007. To enable developers to take advantage of PSI Extensions, I have created a generator that not only automates the creation of web services, but also automatically deploys the web service once generated. Intended for development environments, this generator takes the drudgery out of creating, configuring, and deploying PSI Extension web services.

Released today.  Check out the MSDN Code Gallery resource page here.


Comments (3)

  1. Paul Congdon says:

    Okay Colby … I’ve been developing PSI Extensions as of late.  Trying to get the code set ready for deployment.  Each iteration of code, build, deploy, test, fix code, build, deploy, test, etc has taken enormous amount of time.  I happen to google within minutes after you post this.  Congrats on writing what I didn’t have time for, I look forward to looking at your generator.  Thx, Paul

  2. Check out this latest addition to the Project Server 2007 tool/code sample family by Colby Africa : Microsoft

  3. Garry Trinder says:

    Paul – Let me know how it goes.  I built the tool to build another tool, so I haven’t done a huge amount of testing on it yet…eating my own dog food so I expect to have a bug fix release in the next couple of weeks.

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