A New Chapter Begins

Originally I thought of this as my second departure from Microsoft, but when I consider the multiple stints I have spent as a contractor at Microsoft, I realize this is actually my fifth time to leave the company in one capacity or another. Amazing. My work in the project management software industry is far from…


Breaking The Silence

It has been a while.  In addition to my daily project work, I am working on several side projects in various states of readiness: 1.)  Project Pro add-in for managing security 2.)  Project-Pro adding for managing custom fields 3.)  Schedule analyzer 4.)  Lookup table value import tool 5.)  Algorithms for overcoming the 1000-row project queue…



I haven’t written for a while. I have been super busy.  Chet said he signed up for my RSS feed today so I thought I would write a quick post so he has something to read today.  Hehe. I am writing a tool that publishes projects on a schedule.  I want to do a Project…


Project Server Interface Development: Dev 101 Samples

I did a presentation today about basic PSI development concepts.   I thought I would share these examples with the world, so here you go! http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/Project/Download/FileDownload.aspx?ProjectName=PsiDev101&DownloadId=5141 Colby


Learning SharePoint Part VII – List Pagination

A very small group of you saw this post go up and then come right back down again.  I found a bug about 30 seconds after posting this.    Here is the updated post.  NOTE: The bug had to do with not fully understanding how the pagination handled moving backwards in the list.  It appeared to…


MSDN Code Gallery Report Released

Here it is.  Download the setup here.  Download the source here. Enjoy. This will be my last for a while.  I have to focus on the book and I am off to a 20 week engagement.


MSDN Code Gallery Download Report

In an attempt to divert my brain and as a break from SharePoint development, I wrote  a simple utility this weekend that generates a consolidated report of download counts for any resource housed at MSDN Code Gallery, including projects, releases, and files.  Here is a screenshot: The user interface takes a resource (or project) name…


MpFx Walkthrough: Creating the ProjectServer Object & Enumerating Project Information

I am taking a little break from my current project.  Whew. Only such much you can cram into your brain about SharePoint in one unbroken period of time. Today’s topic starts at the beginning of mpFx:  How to create a ProjectServer object.  I will also demonstrate enumerating project information.  The code sample and an update…


mpFx: Simon Demo

Simon from Australia needed an example of how to use mpFx to create projects, resources, tasks, and assignments.  Here it is: http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/Project/Download/FileDownload.aspx?ProjectName=mpFx&DownloadId=4636. Here is the source: 1: using System; 2: using System.Web.Services.Protocols; 3: using Mcs.Epm.MicrosoftProject.mpFx; 4: using Mcs.Epm.MicrosoftProject.mpFx.ProjectsWebService; 5: using Mcs.Epm.MicrosoftProject.mpFx.ResourcesWebService; 6: using Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library; 7: using DataStoreEnum=Mcs.Epm.MicrosoftProject.mpFx.ProjectsWebService.DataStoreEnum; 8: using Resource = Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library.Resource; 9:  10: namespace…


Learning SharePoint Part IV

I have learned so much in the past few days, I am not sure where to start.  So, here is tidbit to get started with: 1: <SharePoint:DelegateControl ID="DelegateControl5" runat="server" ControlId="SmallSearchInputBox" /> What is this thing called SharePoint:DelegateControl?  Well, it looks like it is the product group’s version of SmartPart.  Any control that is registered can…