Where to Begin

Before we begin you should first become familiar with "what cognitive services" is / are.

I would start by reviewing the following blogs

Try Cognitive Services

What is Cognitive Services?

Following the Getting started section of the "What is Cognitive Services" site you will than get to the section

"Create a Cognitive Services APIs account in the Azure portal"

Familiarize yourself with the Azure Portal Page and when your ready set up your first few Cognitive Services API's

I would at least start with the following

Computer Vision API

Face API

Text Analytics API

We can always add more later as you need them.

You do not need to be a Developer to start with Cognitive Services, so take your time and start thinking about how these Cognitive Services API's can help you. Start with something small and build from there. I hope this site is helpful, please feel free to leave Comments and Feedback.

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