Open-Sourcing the CodePlex Client

This morning we just published a CodePlex project for our source control client. We’ve released the source code under the Microsoft Permissive License. The source code is already available, and the internal and external issues have been moved to the public Issue Tracker. In addition to cpc.exe, we’ve also included a utility called tfc.exe, which works…


April 24 Deployment

We have 110 user votes covered in this deployment, plus a whole bucket-full of tweaks, bug fixes, and little improvements. Here are a few of the changes: The default font for the site is now Segoe UI. I think it looks much more streamlined as a result. (Segoe UI ships with Vista and Office 2007….


Why Did We Write the CodePlex Client?

I want to answer some speculation about what motivated our team to write the CodePlex source control client. When we chose Team Foundation Server as our source control system, we knew that there would be big reactions to our choice. We knew there would be a decent number of people who wanted the tight Visual…


Announcing the CodePlex Source Control Client

A common theme we’ve heard from our users is the desire to be able to work offline (in the “edit-merge-commit” style) when working on their CodePlex projects. Six months ago, we started working to write such a client that would integrate with our existing TFS server infrastructure, and today we’ve released our first beta of…


Teamprise now offered to CodePlex users

Teamprise has announced they are now offering free licenses to CodePlex users.  Teamprise is a multi-platform client you can use for source control that runs on Windows, Linux, or the Macintosh and supports integration with Eclipse. You can read more at Jim Newkirk’s blog: You can find the Teamprise announcement here:


New CodePlex Features: Project Logo and Kanoodle Ads

We release a new version of CodePlex every three weeks, so new features become available to users on a regular basis.  I wanted to highlight a couple of new features for project owners we have added recently that you may not have noticed: Project Logo – Projects can now have a logo uploaded that will show at…


February 20th Deployment

As Jim has already reported, votes had a huge impact on the work we did in our recent February 20th deployment. We addressed 220 customer votes worth of feature and bug requests with this deployment. Even though the deployment was just a few days ago, we’re already almost done with development for the March 13th…


Accepting all projects!

We are pleased to announce that any registered user can now immediately start a new project! This was actually one of the changes in our new version of CodePlex released on January 30th.  Creating a new project can now be done by any registered user and your project is ready in only a few minutes so you can…


New CodePlex Version!

I know this is a few days late, but as of Jan 30th we are running a new version of CodePlex! Some of the highlight features are: Source code browsing on the website Lots of improvements to discussions More granular RSS feeds for projects More importantly, the features we added have addressed 143 user votes!  Thanks…


New version coming tomorrow (Jan 30th)

We will be deploying a new version of CodePlex tomorrow morning.  The site will be offline for a short period during the upgrade process.  Definitely check out the site tomorrow to see the popular feature requests we have added.