Sara Ford says farewell to CodePlex

I created my first account on CodePlex back in January 2006, over 4 years ago, when the site was still in an alpha internal-only preview. Shortly after playing with the initial UI, I sent the CodePlex team a 15 page document on all the UI suggestions I had. Little did I know that just a…


Using Mercurial on CodePlex

There’s ton of documentation out there on how to use Mercurial and its various clients. For this blog post, you’ll see me use a popular client called TortoiseHg. (Hg is the chemical element symbol for Mercury, hence Tortoise ”Hg” in case you’re wondering.) If you’re already familiar with TortoiseSVN, this will be very straight forward. …


CodePlex now supporting native Mercurial

What is Mercurial? Mercurial is a distributed source control management system. For new projects created on, you will be able to choose from either Team Foundation Server or Mercurial as your source control repository. To illustrate, in the Create a Project wizard you’ll see the following: If you are a current project owner and…


Project Owners can now show Job Openings for their individual projects

Last Friday, we deployed the latest version of the CodePlex software. Project Job Openings Project owners can now post “job openings” for what sort of help they are looking for. This feature allows people who are interested in joining a project a way to contact the team directly. The Project Owner can now better manage…


Introducing the Documentation tab for CodePlex projects

Yesterday, we deployed the latest version of the CodePlex software. We’re excited to introduce our latest feature, the Documentation tab. CodePlex users now have a consistent place across projects to find documentation, while project owners are encouraged to write documentation, either by themselves or with the help of an Editor. Why a Documentation Tab? We…


The CodePlex Jump – Trip Report from TechEd Australia and New Zealand

Last month, I had the opportunity to fulfill my childhood dream of going to Australia to speak at Microsoft TechEd. However, little did I know this trip to the Southern Hemisphere would take me to new heights at TechEd New Zealand. The link to the full version is on YouTube at Special thanks to…


Looking for Seattle-area participants for CodePlex Usability Study

We will be conducting in-person usability studies for in Seattle, Washington on October 13 and 14, 2009. We are looking for project owners on CodePlex to participate in the one hour usability study. Whether you own one project or multiple projects, your feedback will help us create a better CodePlex site.  Interested in participating? …


CodePlex Interview on Channel 9

The Channel 9 team met with Sara Ford to go over the state of CodePlex, where the site has been and where it is heading to. Link to video:


Work Item Notifications and Recommended Download

Yesterday, we deployed the latest version of the CodePlex software. Work Item Notifications As of today, our #2 most requested feature asked for the ability to receive email notifications for work items. Back in April, we introduced the ability to receive email notifications per individual work items. Now, users can subscribe to receive email at…