CodePlex Job Opening: Program Manager

Do you have a passion for open source and want to help shape the direction of the CodePlex project? Do you love delivering customer-focused products? Interested in working with a small, high performance team in an agile environment? If so, then maybe you should be the CodePlex Program Manager! 🙂

CodePlex Client June 2007 Release

We’ve finished adding patch support for CodePlex Client, and have therefore made our first official release (June 2007). You can download it here. In addition to supporting patch, this release is the first to be offered as stand-alone single executables (cpc.exe/tfc.exe) without any DLL dependencies. If you are using an older version of CodePlex Client,…


CodePlex Client Beta 2 Released

We just released beta 2 of the CodePlex Client. This release includes a number of notable features: Anonymous Access We shipped the server-side piece of anonymous access during last Monday’s CodePlex deployment. Today’s Beta 2 CodePlex Client (cpc.exe) release allows anybody to get read-only access to the source code of any project on the CodePlex…


Open-Sourcing the CodePlex Client

This morning we just published a CodePlex project for our source control client. We’ve released the source code under the Microsoft Permissive License. The source code is already available, and the internal and external issues have been moved to the public Issue Tracker. In addition to cpc.exe, we’ve also included a utility called tfc.exe, which works…


April 24 Deployment

We have 110 user votes covered in this deployment, plus a whole bucket-full of tweaks, bug fixes, and little improvements. Here are a few of the changes: The default font for the site is now Segoe UI. I think it looks much more streamlined as a result. (Segoe UI ships with Vista and Office 2007….


Why Did We Write the CodePlex Client?

I want to answer some speculation about what motivated our team to write the CodePlex source control client. When we chose Team Foundation Server as our source control system, we knew that there would be big reactions to our choice. We knew there would be a decent number of people who wanted the tight Visual…


Announcing the CodePlex Source Control Client

A common theme we’ve heard from our users is the desire to be able to work offline (in the “edit-merge-commit” style) when working on their CodePlex projects. Six months ago, we started working to write such a client that would integrate with our existing TFS server infrastructure, and today we’ve released our first beta of…


February 20th Deployment

As Jim has already reported, votes had a huge impact on the work we did in our recent February 20th deployment. We addressed 220 customer votes worth of feature and bug requests with this deployment. Even though the deployment was just a few days ago, we’re already almost done with development for the March 13th…


Short URLs

We had many requests for URL rewriting support, and although we didn’t do a full implementation in the current release, we did add support for short URLs for project home pages. You can link to your project’s home page through:<projectname> So, for example, the home page for the SameDesk project is now: In…

Breaking The Silence: Work Item Tracking Upgrade

We haven’t deployed in about 6 weeks, because this deployment includes a rather sizeable rewrite of the issue tracking system that took us longer than our normal 3 week deployments. We used AJAX to improve the usability of the site in selected places, including in the issue tracker system. We had a lot of feedback…