Release Notes 3/20/2013

In this release, the CodePlex team enabled Azure Web Sites deployment for Mercurial projects. Now you can continuously deploy to Azure Web Sites from CodePlex for both Mercurial and Git projects. To enable this feature, go to your Azure Websites' dashboard, click on "Integrate Source Control" and follow the on-screen instructions.



If you ever want to disable this integration, you can do so from your your CodePlex project's "Project Details and Summary" page under the "Web Site Deployment" section.

In addition, the CodePlex team also made the following improvements:

  • In the advanced view for the issue tracker, you can now filter on an unassigned impact
  • An attachment that is referenced from multiple wiki pages can now be deleted
  • .fsproj files will now receive the proper syntax highlighting

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As always you can reach out to the CodePlex team on Twitter @codeplex

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