Release Notes 3/29/2013

In this week’s deployment, the CodePlex team fixed several bugs across the site. A couple notable improvements are: If a user replies to a discussion through email, we now strip out the email headers on the discussion page. We improved how markdown text looks in daily digest emails. We improved the formatting of markdown headings….


Release Notes 3/20/2013

In this release, the CodePlex team enabled Azure Web Sites deployment for Mercurial projects. Now you can continuously deploy to Azure Web Sites from CodePlex for both Mercurial and Git projects. To enable this feature, go to your Azure Websites’ dashboard, click on “Integrate Source Control” and follow the on-screen instructions.     If you ever want…


Release Notes 3/14/2013

This week, the CodePlex team responded to a couple pain points expressed by our users. Notable improvements are: The download service is now much more reliable Discussions and issues will now render 100% of the time Errors when adding new users to a TFS project have been resolved Authentication issues when accessing TFS or SVN…


Release Notes 3/6/2013

This week, the CodePlex team made several improvements across the site. A couple noteworthy changes are: F# syntax highlighting is now supported in both source browsing and code snippets. Huge thanks to LukeH for helping with this! A user who created an issue can now be contacted directly from the issue page. This can be used to…