Release Notes 2/7/2013

In this release, the CodePlex team added keyboard shortcuts to the markdown editor. The commands are as follows:

  • CTRL + B -> Bold
  • CTRL + I  -> Italics
  • CTRL + O -> Numbered List
  • CTRL + U -> Bulleted List
  • CTRL + L -> Hyperlink
  • CTRL + G -> Image
  • CTRL + Q -> Quote Block
  • CTRL + K -> Code Block
  • CTRL + H -> Heading

A couple other notable changes are:

  • Now, readme files will be detected and displayed by default in the source browser
  • Emails from discussions will now contain formatted text

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As always you can reach out to the CodePlex team on Twitter @codeplex

Comments (1)

  1. Chris Hammond says:

    Excellent news! Thank you for adding these features, while small and simple, they will go a long way for project coordinators.

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