Using Visual Studio Git with CodePlex

Brian Harry made two major announcements today at the ALM Summit.

  1. Visual Studio will support Git
  2. Team Foundation Server will host Git repositories.

When we added Git to CodePlex back in March of last year a missing piece, for many customers, was having great Git tooling within Visual Studio.

With the CTP release of Visual Studio 2012 Update 2 plus the CTP of the Git VSIX you can now use Git within Visual Studio. The CodePlex team has been dogfooding the tools for the last few months and we look forward to getting public feedback.

Using VS Git with CodePlex

Since the Visual Studio Git client works with any Git remote you can easily configure it for your CodePlex Git projects.


After installing the updates go to the Team Explorer and select connect to team projects.

Select the Connect button

Select Clone from the Local Git Repositories section

Copy/Paste the clone URL from CodePlex

Cloning progress

That's it. If you already have repositories cloned locally Visual Studio will pick them up.

Checkout the blog post on the ALM Blog for more details about using the Visual Studio Git client.

Support for Private Projects

Every few weeks we get a request to enable private projects on CodePlex. Since the TFS Service launched we had a great solution for those interested in using TFVC. Now with the addition of Git on the TFS Service those looking for private DVCS projects also have a great solution.

Check it out, creating an account is free for up to five users.


As always you can reach out to the CodePlex team on Twitter @codeplex or reach me directly@mgroves84

Comments (5)
  1. Laurent says:

    Is it possible to use both Team System and GIT together ?


  2. Mark_Groves says:

    @Laurent I'm not sure I understand your reference to Team System in this context. Can you provided more details?

  3. @Mark_Groves, I think I can read @Laurent's mind on this one, because I had a similar thought.

    In my system, I have in-house code (using Team Foundation Service) as well as an open-source project (using Git on CodePlex).  Is it possible to have projects from both source control providers in a single solution?

  4. Mark_Groves says:

    For a given solution Visual Studio can only have one Source Control bindings set. So if you are using TFVC for a project you won't be able to have Visual Studio think it is also a Git project.

  5. PetsEverything says:

    Perfect.  Just what I was looking for!

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