Release Notes for 6/7/2012

Here are the notes for this week’s release:

Pull Requests

  • We added diff previews to the pull request creation page so that you have more context in the pull request that you’re creating.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that prevented users from downloading files if they were using an ad blocker browser plug-in.
  • Fixed an issue that caused harmless error messages to appear when pushing changes using Git.
  • Fixed an issue where visiting the project openings search results would result in a non-functional search box.
  • Fixed an issue where projects would break if users attempted to publish the project with an empty description.

Known Issues

  • The formatting of tabs on pull requests has disappeared. We’ll fix this issue early next week with another deployment.

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Comments (3)
  1. Papy Normand says:

    This post would be nearly perfect, except a little reproach : in the MSDN blogs page where the summary of this post is appearing , it is difficult to know that this post is related to the CodePlex site. It is a pity that Codeplex is not mentioned in this summary, i am fearing that many people are skipping of this article because they don't understand that it is related to the fixes about the Codeplex site.

    Anyway, it is really useful and interesting. I hope you will go on this way

  2. jontsao says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Papy. I'll make sure that the titles/first few sentences of our posts in the future mention CodePlex. I'll also pass your feedback along to the MSDN blogs team, as currently, the previews of the posts don't mention the blog titles.

  3. Papy Normand says:

    I am sorry not to notice that you have posted your kind reply. And thanks to have thought to notify my feedback to the MSDN blog team.

    And please, go on to provide good articles like yours

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