Release Notes for 5/18/2012

Here are the notes for this week’s release:

Pull Requests

  • We’ve added the ability to see the snippets of code where a user commented inline in the discussion of pull requests.


    You can also add another line comment directly from the discussion area, rather than navigating to the code diff viewer.

    Note that there’s currently a known issue where the line associated with the comment isn’t being properly differentiated for existing pull requests (the line in the middle of each diff preview should be bolded). Apologies for the inconvenience!

  • As part of this work, we also took some time to clean up our diff viewer UI to remove the dots and introduce a new color scheme where green is used for added lines.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue affecting the ability to assign pull requests.
  • Fixed an issue where managing various team resources for a project was not working in Chrome or Firefox.
  • Fixed an issue where a project’s RSS subscribe dialog popped up in the wrong place.
  • Fixed an issue where editing wiki anchor links would insert extra characters, resulting in broken links.
  • Fixed an issue where project logos did not display correctly when browsing the site with https in Chrome or Firefox.
  • Fixed an issue where users could encounter errors when deleting remote Git branches.
  • Fixed an issue affecting the ability of fork collaborators to push changes to the fork.
  • Fixed an issue where the advanced work item filters would not persist when navigating through result pages.
  • Fixed an issue where the issue tracker notifications link was not clickable in Chrome.
  • Fixed an issue where pull request comments with line breaks would not be formatted properly when viewing the pull request.


  • We upgraded our Git servers to version

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Comments (4)

  1. Fwsmaster says:

    Hello, Could it be that the new release also caused the html editor to not function properly anymore on the Documentation sections? E.g. the Images and Html code popup screen show up empty…. Hope you can fix this.

  2. Fwsmaster says:

    Problem fixed I noticed, thanks for taking care.

  3. jontsao says:

    Hi, Fwsmaster. Thanks for letting us know about it, and sorry for the inconvenience. We fixed the issue yesterday.

  4. Hello,

    Could you please make user name & post date a bit larger in the issue pages? ATM it's reallly small to read it.

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